Six reasons why you should love our distributors as much as we do

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Trelleborg global distributors


At Trelleborg Industrial AVS we not only sell our anti-vibration solutions directly to our customers, we also work with a large network of trusted distributors. Here are six reasons why we think you’ll love working with our distributors.

1. They bring us closer together. At Trelleborg our ethos is Global Presence, Local Reach. This means that we leverage our global capabilities, whilst acting as a local partner with our customers. We don’t think of our distributors as a separate business, but as an extension of our own. Our partner distributors are there for you no matter where you are, to not only deliver our products when they’re needed, but to provide that valuable local support, in a language you understand.

2. They’re trustworthy. It’s important to us that our distributors share our values and commitment to the market. When we find one that does we develop a long lasting relationship, which enables them to become a Trelleborg anti-vibration expert in their own right. That’s why when you deal with our distributors, you can be confident that you’re getting the most reliable application and market knowledge.

3. Shorter lead times. Our distributors keep stock of Trelleborg products in their own warehouses, which means they can offer you shorter lead times, quick service and faster delivery.

4. Strong links across the Trelleborg Group. Many of our distributors not only sell Trelleborg Industrial AVS products but a wide range of solutions from across the Trelleborg Group. So whether it’s an anti-vibration mount, a seal or an industrial hose, our distributors can deliver the high quality products you need.

5. They listen to you. Our distributors are our eyes and ears on the ground. They spend much of their time talking to customers and finding out exactly what they need. If there is something we can’t deliver, you can be confident that they’ll let us know. It’s this valuable information that allows us to develop products that really make a difference to our customers lives.

6. They help us to give back. Having a strong distribution network has helped Trelleborg Industrial AVS keep in touch with a variety of markets in a wide range of countries around the world and keep pace with evolving technology.  That allows us to match our own innovative ideas to what the market wants and continuously deliver the very best solutions to our customers.

Find your local Trelleborg Industrial AVS distributor here.

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Following a long career in engineering and manufacturing Chris now heads the global sales, marketing and customer service units at Trelleborg Industrial AVS. As a strong believer in delivering market value far beyond the quality of the product, Chris is the driving force behind Anti-Vibration Insights.

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