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When thinking of rolling stock, anti-vibration components aren’t the first thing that spring to mind. However shock mounts and suspension solutions play an important role in maintaining smoother, quieter and safer operation of passenger trains. Here, we’ll look at how suspension mounts and springs adhere to these key passenger requirements.

With safety and reliability so high on the agenda, train operators are continually looking for ways to improve their fleets, however the onus is placed on train builders and OEMs to ensure their components are reliable, long-lasting and above all, guarantee reliability and user safety. Anti-vibration components play a key role in maintaining safety in rolling stock, so it’s up to train builders to ensure the correct components are specified for the application, be it high-speed, passenger or light rail vehicles.

Passenger trains can be exposed to a range of forces during operation as a result of defects in the wheels, welding and rolling defects and track alignment. Anti-vibration products are an essential consideration in maintaining passenger safety and help to counteract track irregularities while optimising vehicle movement, allowing vertical and lateral forces to be transmitted safely and essentially keeping the vehicle on the track.

In addition, smoother rail travel is vital. Rider comfort can be distinguished by a number of key variables including temperature, seat design and humidity, but noise and vibration are other aspects that can negatively impair passenger experience. Using anti-vibration mounts ensures operational vibrations are dampened and can’t be felt by passengers travelling in the cars.

Noise is another issue. A good example is the rumbling of a freight train where passenger comfort needn’t be considered. These ‘vibrations’ or low-frequency rumbling noises not only affect driver comfort and vehicle life, but also the local community living in close proximity to train lines and the structural integrity of surrounding properties. By installing mounts and dampers, train builders can ensure they are fulfilling train operator obligations and adhering to noise requirements set by local authorities.

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