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There’s no doubt organisations recognise the importance of their commitment to sustainability. When we consider sustainability in business terms, it can be broken into three key considerations: people, infrastructure and assets. It’s an essential ingredient for the long-term success of any company and reinforced cultural buy-in is necessary.

Placing customer comfort and safety at the forefront of its designs, Trelleborg Antivibration Solutions has gone one step further and created a whole concept around promoting better sustainability. The Blue Dimension™ programme aims to champion the protection of people and the environment and reinforce the idea that the products go beyond functionality and business performance.

Trelleborg breaks Blue Dimension™ down into three key categories:

Protecting the environment |

Rubber processing by its very nature produces emissions usually in the form of fumes. To tackle this Trelleborg has installed a customised air extraction and control system. This abatement system enables all solvents and potentially hazardous gases to be processed, such that air vented to the atmosphere meets the highest emission regulations of >20mg/m3.

Trelleborg’s dedication to protecting the environment extends beyond saving energy and cutting emissions from its day-to-day industrial processes. The products it develops help reduce the impact of noise and vibration on the environment. Take antivibration shocks and mounts – by maximising the time between maintenance and repair, waste, energy and resources which could have a potential adverse effect on the environment, are reduced.


Protecting people |

Trelleborg’s products essentially make peoples’ lives safer and more comfortable by reducing noise and vibration. Excessive vibration can have an adverse effect on human health and for workers exposed to increased vibration on a daily basis, a host of issues can occur. Musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders such as back pain are particularly problematic with an average of 15 working days lost to the condition. Motion sickness, impairment of vision and bone damage are other issues. Trelleborg is committed to innovation and part of this is developing products which consistently reduce the impact of vibration on people.


Protecting infrastructure and assets |

As well as impacting human health, excessive vibration and noise can impact machinery and surrounding infrastructure and cause premature damage. Trelleborg aims to deliver solutions which improve cost-efficiency and prolong operational lifetime. Antivibration mounts isolate vibration and prevent transmission of forces to the infrastructure with associated fatigue potential. Machinery and components which are properly protected through the use of antivibration mounts will last longer and operate more efficiently.


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