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New legislation ensures European compliance is on-track

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At Trelleborg IAVS we have been working to help our customers comply with the recently launched EN 45545 legislation. Developed to provide a consistent approach to rail component testing across Europe, the standard is dedicated to reducing the risk of fire and its consequences and therefore improving passenger safety.

The enhanced EN 45545 legislation, which was introduced in June, aims to achieve the highest possible level of fire prevention in trains, and focuses on improving the safety of materials and components which are installed within rolling stock, ensuring they meet stringent fire protection requirements. The new standard sees the components provided with a ‘requirement set’ rating in accordance to where they are installed ranging from R1 to R26, with materials also assigned a hazard level depending on the demands of the material.

Reflecting the legislation’s drive for improved rail passenger safety, we have developed a ground-breaking protective coating which reduces and delays the spread of fire on rubber suspension components installed in rolling stock. The unique formulation helps significantly delay combustion, and extends the safe evacuation period for those on board by at least three minutes, reducing exposure to smoke and toxic fumes. Designed to address the fire safety issues across a multitude of industries, the protective coating is for use on anti-vibration and suspension mounts and does not limit the components’ natural elasticity when applied.

For all organisations working within the rail industry, passenger safety is the number one priority and the new legislation has been developed to ensure a cohesive and unified approach for European companies. With fire prevention a key consideration for train builders and operators, we’re constantly looking for ways to enhance the safety of our components and Dragoncoat® offers that added protection in the unlikely outbreak of a fire. By delaying the on-set of smoke, toxic emissions and flames, Dragoncoat® helps increase valuable passenger evacuation time in the event of a fire and offers rail users that added peace of mind.

In addition, the formulation has the same life expectancy as the component, but thanks to its intumescent properties the coating is only activated when exposed to heat, without compromising the product performance.

To find out more about our DragonCoat solution and to download the brochure visit our website or contact our rail specialist at

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