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Mobile App Makes Specification Easy

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Transforming your smartphone into a tool for identifying and measuring vibration levels

Finding the most suitable anti-vibration solutions for each unique application isn’t easy. In fact, specifiers are required to have a multitude of information to hand in order to identify the best solution for the job, from vibration frequency through to extensive equipment details. At least, that was the case until the MountFinder Pro app became available on Apple and Android.

The innovative tool for specifiers combines vibration analysis and mount selection technology, streamlining the specification process to help users find the correct anti-vibration device with ease.

Utilising your smartphone’s built-in accelerometer, MountFinder Pro can directly measure vibration levels, transforming mobile devices into intelligent tools to understand the characteristics of a particular piece of equipment. This means users needn’t manually retrieve machine performance details and compare them against numerous mounts, saving them time without compromising on accuracy.

Rather, once the app has recorded its reading – normally within a matter of seconds – the user simply has to add the number of mounts and the mass of the equipment. The rest is taken care of by technology, quickly identifying the vibration which needs to be isolated and presenting the most effective components to meet the ongoing noise and performance requirements.

The results – drawn from Trelleborg’s extensive portfolio of antivibration products – are then automatically ordered to show those which offer the most effective isolation. Users can then browse detailed technical data, view the products in 2D and 3D, email search results and contact Trelleborg directly for a quote.

To see the handy app in action, watch the video here (, or download it from the iTunes or Google Play store.

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