At Trelleborg Antivibration Solutions, we’ve always had a strong sense of identity. We’re here to create solutions that accelerate performance for customers and, within our antivibration solutions business, that means products and services that make life feel better. Marketing Manager Jonathan Wills looks at how this promise inspired our new brand visuals…

Never felt better doesn’t just apply to our products – it’s embedded through our business at all levels. By minimizing noise and vibration in the industrial, rail, marine and off-highway industries, we make working and travelling more comfortable. Employees are safer and can do their jobs more effectively, while employers know their assets will last longer with less maintenance needed. That’s where our promise originally came from – a day’s heavy lifting; being on track; working in industry; and life at sea, never felt better. Over the years we’ve developed the knowledge to make this happen – from formulating a portfolio of more than 500 polymers, to intensive research into different frequencies of vibration to cover all eventualities.

Our new visual identity encapsulates all of this through the use of two hands.

It’s a powerful image, as hands are closely associated with protection and support – a helping hand, a safe pair of hands. Closely guarding all the industries in which we work, the hands represent not only life feeling better for workers and passengers, but the added reassurance of the technical expertise that backs up our solutions.

The launch of our new visual identity comes at a time of growth for Trelleborg – with recent acquisitions bringing us more know-how and an enhanced range of products, working with us never felt better. So it’s not just about an aesthetically pleasing image – it’s about renewing our commitment to customers and assuring you of the continued protection and support you’ll receive from us.

That commitment means you’ll feel…

  • Confident – through access to a well-resourced business with more powerful solutions.
  • Connected – thanks to our global presence and investment in digital platforms.
  • Supported – with access to more engineers and local expertise than ever before.
  • Special – because we’ll build deep and long-lasting relationships based on personal service.
  • Less stress – as we’re easy to do business with.

To find out more about what we can do to make you feel better, contact us today.

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