Finding your perfect anti-vibration mount just got even easier…

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MountFinder Pro Application

Introducing MountFinder Pro! 

MFP_PhoneThe original MountFinder app was launched almost 18 months ago, and whilst it has been doing its job helping people across the globe find their perfect anti-vibration device, we have been sat away in our offices scheming over how we can make it even better.

Today we’re pleased to announce, with the launch of MountFinder Pro, we have made that happen. The new app now utilizes the phones inbuilt accelerometer to determine the machines RPM, perfect for when you don’t have a tachometer or the machines manual to hand!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with MountFinder, it’s a handy app that we put together to make it easy for you to select the correct anti-vibration device. Here’s how it works…


Step 1 – Enter E-mail AddressMountfind Pro Enter E-mail

This allows you to quickly e-mail your results at the end of a search. You only need to enter this once, after the app will remember your details. Just so you know, we promise not to send your information onto any third companies or send you any unsolicited e-mails.





Step 2 – Measure The Machines RPM

This is our exciting new feature! All you have to do is hold your phone to the vibrating machine and click start. Make sure that you hold the phone in place until the analysis is complete. Already know your machines RPM? No problem, just click the skip analysis button.





Step 3 – Additional InformationMFP-Additional-info

If you’re happy with your reading now it’s time to get your results. Simply add in the machines weight, number of mounts required and fail-safe option and click search.





Step 4 – ResultsMFP_results

The application will take your RPM reading,  weight of the machine and number of mounts required and cross reference it with our database of products. Once it has completed its search the app will display your results in order of vibration isolation %.





Step 5 – Product DetailsMFP-Product-Info-2MFP-Product-Info 

Identify the best anti-vibration mount for your application from the list and tap the product image for further information. This screen will display detailed specifications about the mount including the deflection, frequency, hardness and maximum load. You can switch between the technical drawing and product image by tapping the small square in the top right hand corner. Tap to zoom in and view more detailed measurements.


MFP-Email-DetailsStep 6 – E-mail Details

The app allows you to e-mail both the full list of search results and individual product details to a recipient of your choice. Ideal for when you want to refer back to the results at a later date.





Step 7 – Request a QuoteRequest-Quote-MFP

Once you’re happy with your selection you can now contact Trelleborg directly for a quote. You can do this by filling in a simple contact form or by calling our customer services department. We always aim to get back to you within 48 hours Monday – Friday.






The app is available now on both iTunes and Google play. Head over to the store today to download your free version of Mountfinder Pro and make finding your anti-vibration solution even easier!

Matt Easthope

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Matt joined Trelleborg in 1990 and since then has worked in a variety of roles including Engineering and Sales, before moving into Product Design. Now managing a global team of engineers, Matt ensures that Trelleborg provides high levels of service above and beyond their anti-vibration products.

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