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Are you sitting comfortably?

Nine hours. That’s how long the average off highway operator sits. Stationary. While sitting isn’t naturally dangerous, prolonged periods of sedentary activity can seriously impact user health. Couple this with the increased risk of exposure to excessive vibration due to the uneven terrain inherent in off-highway applications, and both driver health and comfort could be seriously compromised.

Off-highway vehicles have unique suspension requirements that must accommodate a variety of road conditions, full or empty loads and specific safety standards. When designing off highway vehicles, there is often a compromise between good handling and good operator comfort. This is a greater consideration for off-highway vehicles because as well as providing a safe ride on off-road terrain, it also needs to provide appropriate road handling too. Essentially the firmer the suspension, the better the handling of the vehicle but in turn this affects rider comfort. What’s more, load bearing also needs to be considered.

When guaranteeing comfort in off-highway applications, there are a number of antivibration components which can control noise and movement in various parts of off-highway vehicles, and essentially guarantee operator comfort and safe handling.


Axis | Axle tower spring

Offering maintenance free flexible load bearing component, the axle tower spring allows angular and shear movement while supporting high loads. Manufactured using high strength steel and heavy-duty plates, the spring offers high impact and wear characteristics, resists negative loading and safe anchor points. In the event of severe overload, there’s an in-built failsafe mechanism to prevent total mount failure. Latest FE technology ensures maximum reliability and minimum stress points, with an uncomplicated design to minimising manufacturing costs.


Engine | Cushyfloat range

Initially designed for use in marine engines, the Cushyfloat range is a compact low-profile mounting which combines three-way control of suspended equipment. Offering improved vibration isolation, even at the low end of the engine speed range, the Cushyfloat range combines vertical and lateral buffering to limit engine movement, even in tough service conditions. In addition, specially blended compounds reduce heat transfer and can effectively isolate the engine with minimal heat shielding.


Cab | Fluid Mount

Designed for superior damping, the Fluid Mount range is ideal for cabs in off-highway vehicles working in rough conditions. Consisting of a bonded rubber and steel mounts, integral buffers help to limit movement and internal chambers contain a high damping fluid to minimise low frequency vibrations. Combining three main features, the fluid mount includes a bearing spring which restrains motion capability, high damping to decrease motion near resonance frequencies and an isolator to minimise vibration at a specified frequency.


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