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For Key Account Manager Donna Neal, it’s been a case of new year, new challenge. She began her career with us in the first few days of 2018, so we caught up with her to find out

“It’s Feb 2018, and I’ve been here four weeks. Four weeks! It’s gone so fast. It’s only been my induction, but it’s been a pretty thorough one. Since the day I joined, I’ve been on what seems like a non-stop tour of the business and its departments, getting to know who’s who, what’s what and where everything is. I’ve spent time with the design team, in marketing and on the shop floor making compounds and testing materials. I’m not an engineer, but I worked for 6 years in the oil & gas industry as a key account manager and in global sales, so I know a bit about the challenges and environment, which helps. I’d also done a little business with Trelleborg, so I knew a bit about them. But this induction has given me a really deep insight into the Trelleborg AVS culture and how everything fits together. It’s been great.

“I’ve joined Trelleborg’s Sales team, with a focus on the rail sector, so for me the highlight of my induction was working alongside the rail team at a 2-day sales conference, which was a fantastic way to get to know the people, their challenges and plans for the future.

“As I’ve discovered, future planning’s a big thing here – in terms of careers too! Take me, for example. I’m being lined up to take over from Rod, my mentor, who’s retiring in 12 months’ time. Until then I’m shadowing him, learning what he does and how he does it. He’s got an engineering background, mine’s commercial, so he’s helping me understand the technical side of things. There’s even talk of me studying for an engineering qualification. It’s good to know you’ve got the backing and support of the business.

“All in all, it’s been a brilliant way of getting my head into the work. Now I’m looking forward to getting my feet under the desk. It’ll be a while before I’m fully up to speed, and they’re taking care not to throw me in at the deep-end. It’s a more organic process, helping me feel my way into the workload on existing projects, which I appreciate. Having said that, a new requirement’s just come in – my first from scratch! – so I’ll have the chance to see something through from start to finish. I like this way of doing things. It’s considered and professional, and really well organized. Actually, I found Trelleborg AVS to be like that right from the start of my application process.

“I’ve been assigned to Bombardier, one of the flagship accounts here. Over the next couple of months, the plan is for me to start meeting key contacts on site. That means trips to Germany, Bangalore and…Derby (that’s just a bit closer to home).

“Everything is very well structured here. The business, the teams, the induction, the planning… and another good thing, as far as careers go, is the fact that loads of the people here have been around for years which says a lot for the job satisfaction. As I’ve been wandering from department to department, I’ve seen plenty of long-service certificates… 5, 10, 25 years…

“… which makes my four weeks sound rather feeble!”

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